Douglas Elliman

A new digital home for one of the top home sellers.

With over 7,000 agents and 113 offices across the country, Douglas Elliman is one of the top-performing companies in the industry but was using a website that hadn’t been updated in almost a decade.


Douglas Elliman hired us to completely rethink and redesign their digital experience. We worked alongside the marketing team to define the company’s strategic goals, audiences, and performance indicators for the new website.

From there, we designed the site architecture, user experience framework and overhauled the digital expression of the brand. In the end we delivered an extensive set of design templates for the site that covered almost every aspect of the newly imagined Douglas Elliman digital experience.


Our challenge was to design a site that was flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of a wide range of users, each with very different objectives. First and foremost, the website needed to serve as the digital hub for all of Douglas Elliman’s properties so that potential buyers could easily search, browse, and view listings. Secondly, it needed to showcase the properties with photography, neighborhood information, and descriptions to help sellers feel their homes were well-presented. Finally, it was critical that individual offices and agents were prominently featured in order to drive property inquiries to an appropriate point of contact.


A modular framework that favors flexibility and customization.

Our approach was to build an extremely modular site framework so that individual pages would adapt to feature a variety of content types. Regional office pages, agent profiles, and property listings all had a need to customize the way they present content. We worked to find a solution that allowed for individual customization while still keeping the design consistent, organized, and on brand.

Faster and easier access to property listings.

One of the major goals identified early in the strategic phase was to make individual property listings as fast and easy to access as possible. All users—potential buyers, sellers, and agents—use the site primarily as a resource to browse and search for properties. Our goal was to redesign the site in a way that made finding properties effortless, either through direct search or by browsing featured properties.

Mobile is a tool for agents.

Another key insight we uncovered was the agent need for a user-friendly mobile interface. In face-to-face interactions with clients, agents often needed to reference to discuss properties in real time. The new website needed to be a usable tool for them where the old website had not been. With this in mind, we prioritized usability on both mobile and tablet and streamlined the ability to browse related properties.

I cannot thank you all enough for your partnership during this project. Your expertise has been invaluable. In my time at Elliman thus far, you are the best decision I’ve had the opportunity to make.

Natalie Gilmore

Vice President of Marketing, Douglas Elliman


By making properties the center of the user experience and keeping the design framework modular, we were able to make the new a more adaptive, user-centric experience.