Healthcare education goes global.

Atlantis provides study abroad opportunities for pre-medical college students. Their programs allow students to shadow doctors in some of Europe’s most well-respected hospitals and also have an unforgettable travel experience.


We partnered with Atlantis to help them rethink their brand from the ground up. Working closely with the CEO and CMO we firmed up their core positioning and messaging strategy. From there, we created a dynamic new brand identity system that communicates legitimacy while maintaining the adventurous spirit of the study abroad experience.

As a young but growing brand trying to position well for the next level of growth, we needed to shake things up without alienating or confusing our customer base.

Lawson Kuehnert

CEO, Atlantis


Our challenge was to build a brand that Atlantis could grow into. They knew that they needed to do a better job showcasing their expertise and also the unique and vibrant experiences their programs offer students. As a digitally-native brand in the travel education space, building trust was also a major goal for the company.


Our approach was to put the student experience at the center of the brand. This started with a visual identity built around the concept of personal journeys. The arrow icon in the logo not only looks like a capital “A,” it also represents the arrow of a compass. Each student is following a unique path towards medical school and the experiences they build in the program are a part of that larger journey.


We developed a robust library of new photography to help create a more dynamic and varied visual language. Photographer Colin Clark documented Atlantis students in multiple countries as they attended the program. He was able to capture both the hospital settings as well as a variety of weekend excursions in each city.


A variety of illustrations were also created to augment the photography and promote a sense of fun and adventure. Illustrations for each of the countries were created along with a large set of icons used throughout the website and in student collateral. A more complex, complimentary style of illustration was also developed for use on their blog and in student guides.

With an ambitious company like Atlantis, we had to build something that worked for where they are now but would also be flexible as they continue to grow and reach new audiences.

Elliott Walker

Partner, Otherward


With the new brand identity and content established, we began the redesign of all the major communication touchpoints including digital advertising campaigns, on-campus materials, guides, merchandise, and most importantly, a brand new website.


By refocusing the visual communication around the student experience, we were able to showcase how special and impactful the Atlantis program is and bring it to life in a whole new way.

We finished the branding process with an identity that finally looks like the company we’ve always been.

Lawson Kuehnert

CEO, Atlantis

Colin Clark – Photography

Mint Thongongarj – Illustration

Sam Morgan – Web Development